Caught on camera: The sweet moment stepdad picks up little girl for father-daughter date

Jun 15, 2018
08:43 A.M.
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A stepfather decided to cheer up his daughter with a special date night while also giving her an important lesson.


Hayley Terry took to Facebook to post a video of her daughter, Sophie, going out on a daughter-father date with her stepfather.

The delighted mother wrote in her post that on their first 'date night' together, the loving father wanted to show her little girl how she 'deserves to be treated.'

The video clip shows Terry calling her daughter downstairs to inform her that someone was there at the door for her.

Sophie walked down the stairs looking excited about her date. She opened the door and found her step-father, 34-year-old Andy, standing at the door with a yellow flower in his hand.


The little girl dressed in an adorable pink frock accepted the flower and handed them over to her mother. Before setting out on her date, she did ask her mother if they could buy her chocolates and flowers on their way home so 'she didn't feel left out.'

Andy later told Daily Mail that he wanted to cheer up his stepdaughter because she was upset the night before. He also revealed that he had wanted to take her on a date for some time but was not able to find the right time.

The loving father also explained that when he showed up at the door to take her on a date with a bunch of flowers, Sophie seemed completely 'thrilled.'


The father-daughter got plenty of time to chat and bond with one another during their dinner. Andy revealed that Sophie asked him it was his first date.

When he answered that it was not and he had already been on a date with her mother, Sophie adorably replied, "Well this is my first date."

Andy told the online source that he hoped Sophie learned from the date how she deserves to be treated when she eventually gets to that age where she is going out on actual dates.