Remember 'Soul Train' dancer Louie 'Ski' Carr? He is unrecognizable & is now an actor

Jun 18, 2018
12:10 P.M.
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Louie “Ski” Carr was not just an actor on Soul Train, but he is also the guy that made the show lively with his initiatives that were sometimes improvised. He has since moved on and found other callings.


Louie “Ski” Carr was popular on “Soul Train” for among other things his moves that he popularly called ‘Cutty Mackin.' His ability to dance and improvise moves that the audience found irresistible made him popular to the extent that it was impossible to imagine the show without him.


It was always exciting to see what skit him and his crew would do next on the “Soul Train” line or what new outfit he would be rocking. As ILOSM reports, Ski definitely helped to liven up Saturday mornings back then.

Fast forward to resent day and Ski is now an actor. Is he any good? You bet. He is as good an actor as he is a dancer and he is ready for his new stage in life. He said recently that he is ready for new gigs in shows like “Empire,” “Power,” and “Narcos.” Watching his clips, he clearly is ready for the next stage of his life.


When working on Soul Train, Ski met and stayed friends with New Edition, who would invite him on stage to perform. However, Don Cornelius was not in favor of dancers performing on stage with the musicians, and so they had to devise a way of having Ski on without ruffling feathers. At one time, the two artists agreed that NE would give Ski the signal that would launch him on the floor to bust his best moves.

This act caught Don by surprise and after the initial shock, he thought Ski’s on-stage performance was great. It became the norm after that and fans certainly reacted positively to seeing dancers on the floor with the singers.

The named shows – Narcos, Empire, and Power – are yet to respond, but if they did we would be in for a ride.