Parents reveal pregnancy but all their kids want to know is how it happened

Jun 18, 2018
08:23 A.M.
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Steve Herman and his wife decided to tell their sons that they will soon have another sibling to play with, however, their son’s question left them looking for words.


The parents captured the reaction of their children in a 38-second-long video that was later shared on YouTube on December 22, 2017.

Children are curious about everything them around them. They are innocent too, just like this little one in the video.

The parents tell their two boys that they are going to have a baby but one question from their son leaves them speechless.

The video begins with two surprised-looking children sitting on a couch. They are wondering what their parents are about to tell them with one of them recording the conversation on a camera.


The mother begins talking to them, adding to their curiosity. She beats around the bust, telling them how much she and their father love them.

The two are now paying attention to their mother. One of them asks her to tell them what she has in mind.


She then says that both of them have something to tell the little ones. The children seem to be getting impatient about the news. 

The mother then shows her sons a photo, which happens to be a picture of her belly. The little ones are smart and quickly figure out that they are having a new sibling. 

They are surprised and a smile spreads across their faces as they say, “You are having another baby?”

Suddenly, it dawns on them that they will have another brother or sister to play with and excitement is palpable.

However, as the caption of the video says, ‘Priceless ending,’ it is indeed a totally unexpected question that comes from one of the children. 


He wants to know when his parents slept together. There is an awkward silence and then the mother laughs nervously, astonished by her little child’s question.

A similar pregnancy-announcement video was shared by Jacob Ouellette. The parents sit with their two children to tell them something they always wanted to hear. The brother and sister cannot wait to hear the news.


The father hands them a small box each and asks them to open them. These boxes contain clues tells their mother. They find a picture which they are unable to understand and clearly need help.

However, when their parents tell them that they are going to have a little brother or sister, the two are ecstatic with the news and have tears of joy. Their daughter ‘freaks out’ at the happy news. 

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