Poor girl bullied for her face now inspires a million people around the world

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 21, 2018
09:43 P.M.
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25 years of being called ugly and bullied for her appearance has taught Lizzie Velásquez quite a bit.


Lizzie Velásquez's journey and countless hurdles are documented on her Facebook profile. Born on March 13, 1989, in Austin, Lizzie Velásquez has not had a typical childhood.

She was diagnosed with lipodystrophy, a genetic disorder characterized by selective and progressive loss of body fat, making her appear almost skeletal.

The disease flares red flags for her health as well as induces premature aging. She is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other. 

Lizzie didn’t have an easy childhood. It began as early as the preschool days when the other children would point to her and didn’t want to sit with her. Bullying and name calling were routine all throughout her schooling


Lizzie recalled being able to stay strong because of her religious faith and upbringing, and the constant love and support from her parents. 

As a teenager, Lizzie picked up a lot of extra responsibilities. She was a writer for the school newspaper, a photographer for the yearbook and joined the cheerleading team.


But in her constant effort to fit in and in failing to do so, she started blaming herself. She recalled being 17 when she saw a video on YouTube of her as the “ugliest woman in the world.”

The comment section was flooded with hurtful remarks and she recalls feeling like being punched.

But she never gave up. Eventually, she wrote three self-help books, one of which was A Brave Heart, The Lizzie Velásquez Story was made into a documentary as well.


She has led her life as an inspirational speaker and is lobbying the U.S Government Anti-Bullying Bill. 

Lizzie fiercely campaigns the need for everyone to be compassionate and kind and campaigns for the same. She has found her place in the world and she is not ashamed of who she is or how she looks.

In the face of adversities and turbulent experiences, Lizzie has proven to be a strong and kind warrior. Read more about Lizzie Velásquez on out Twitter account