Meghan Markle's exact wedding makeup tested on 5 different women

Jun 20, 2018
02:59 P.M.
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The new Duchess' wedding look has been talked about for over a month now, and plenty of women were particularly excited about her natural makeup look. 


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, married Prince Harry on May 19 in a beautiful ceremony at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

For the special occasion, she wore a custom made Givenchy dress designed by Claire Waight-Keller, a long veil with the flora of all 53 Commonwealth countries on it, and the most natural makeup look possible that still showed her freckles. 

Now, five ELLE editors have had a professional makeup artist recreate the look for them, using the same products that were rumored to have been used on the Duchess' face on her big day. 


Daniel Martin was the professional makeup artist tasked with creating Meghan's wedding look on the day. The pair have known each other for some time, and he had previously worked with her in a professional capacity as well. 

Following the wedding, he did an interview with Glamour, in which he revealed how he and Meghan came up with her makeup plan for the wedding, and exactly how he brought her vision to life. 

When Harry removed his bride's veil in the chapel, he revealed an incredibly natural look. In fact, the makeup was so natural that Meghan's freckles were still on full display. 


Martin revealed that this was all part of the plan, and that the Duchess had no intention of looking like anyone other than herself for her special day. 

"She's very much about keeping her skin as real and natural as possible. Right now in makeup, so much is covered up and masked by contouring, strobing, and creating this false dimension to what you naturally have. I focused on bringing out her best self and elevating it to a level, that you’re not necessarily able to achieve yourself," Martin explained. 

He also revealed that Meghan had no makeup inspirations in mind when creating the look, and instead used concepts like "timeless, effortless, and chic" when describing her ideal look. 


One thing that Martin admitted they did do up were her eyes. 


"There’s something magical that happens to the irises of her eyes when you add warm tones of rusts or copper close to them," he shared. "I wanted her eyes to almost 'flutter' as she looked up at Harry. I customized and shaped out some corner lashes to give her that doe-eye look, pulling them out on the outer corners. This added weight to her natural lashes without looking heavy."

In order to create this look without making it look like Meghan had makeup caked on her face, he used a base cream before the eyeshadow, of which he used tones of "warm chestnut, cocoa, and smudge of rust into her lash line."

Martin also confessed that Meghan had no lipstick on during the ceremony, only a tinted lip balm that would keep her lips hydrated. 

And when she was ready to go, Martin handed the then-soon-to-be-Duchess some blotting papers and her favorite lipstick, leaving her on her own for the two receptions she would be enjoying afterwards.