Foxy Brown gets dragged after revealing her dad has been denied entry to the US

Monica Otayza
Jun 22, 2018
03:58 A.M.
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Foxy Brown gets dragged by her followers after revealing that her father has been denied entry to the United States. 


Foxy Brown was a known supporter of Donald Trump during the 2016 elections, and now that she shared the tragic story of how her father has been denied entry back to the US after taking a trip, fans have been throwing major shade at her.

According to NY Daily News, the rapper, who has been a lifelong Democrat, is giving a huge shoutout to then-presidential front-runner Donald Trump because "she is impressed with his ability to get things done". 

"No matter how many people sabotage his campaign, it keeps growing and growing and growing. I know so many people won't agree with me and will try to change my mind, but I'm a smart girl. I'm excited ... I haven't been this excited in so long. I know people say he's a racist, but that's just crazy."


When Donald Trump was finally elected into office, Foxy did not know that this would be the start of troubling times for her family. After taking a vacation in Trinidad with her entire family, her father was not allowed to re-enter the country and they sent him back to Trinidad. Her parents are Trinidadian immigrants, and her parents were affected by the immigration policies that are strictly being implemented by the US administration. 


The angry daughter took to social media to voice out her frustrations regarding the Trump administration's current separation of children and parents at the border, and this has been met with mixed emotions. Some of her followers have been consoling her regarding the situation of her family, but there are also others that said that this was simply karma for supporting a man that planned to do such thing in the first place. 


In her post, she said that she could not imagine being ripped apart from her daughter, saying that it would kill her. 

"The atrocity at the border is unspeakable; subjecting any child to an environment conducive to horror, speaks volumes of this demonic [expletive] world we live in."


Foxy made sure to voice out a disclaimer that while she did not denounce Trump, she did not agree with every action he has made, but she "respected the art of the deal, politics aside".

@allaroundthewprld: Wasn’t you a trump supporter? So know you being affected so now you have a change of heart ?

@justmymarley: So now that Trump’s policies has affected you, now it matters?

@kam_soblessed_w: So sad this needs to stop, sending love and light to you & family 

While Foxy and the rest of her family remain in the United States, her father is back in Trinidad.