Tiny girl is only 3 but plays piano like a professional musician

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 24, 2018
04:06 P.M.
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At three years old, little Charlotte already wows crowds with her musical gift.


A YouTube video shows the Hong Kong toddler brilliantly playing the piano.

She plays Alegretto in F by J.C.F. Bach, an impressive feat considering that most children learning piano can only play simple pieces like Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater and Chopsticks.

Alegretto in F is a 1700s piece written by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach's ninth son. It is an elaborate piece that only takes several years to master.

But little Charlotte takes on the piece as though she knows it like the back of her hand. She hums along while playing the piece as though captivated by the music she was making.


Posted to YouTube on June 17, 2014, the video has amassed more than eight million views.

The little girl won the hearts of many people.

YouTube user Isla Reid commented: "I can't even solve math problems and this girl can play the piano... My life is a lie."


"Wow! I love your talent, baby girl. You're such a smart kid with fantastic gifted talent. I envy you. I want to play piano but I really can't do it even if I'm an adult already," wrote Analiza Reyes.

"Wow!!! She is so talented, I can't even do that!" quipped Sydney Smith.

According to Dr. David Geller of Baby Center, brain circuits for learning music mature at the age of three years old.

He cited studies at the University of California suggesting that taking music lessons at the age of three can increase a child's brainpower. Many piano teachers, however, recommend that a child start taking piano lessons at five years old because then their hands are bigger and they are more able to concentrate.

"When your child is ready for more formal training, piano is a good instrument to start with, as the finger movements are less tricky than those for a guitar or violin," Dr. Geller writes.

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