Six-year-old birthday girl opens last present to find furry surprise inside (video)

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 25, 2018
08:12 A.M.
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Little Ellie was left with no words when she opened her final birthday gift. Her touching reaction captured on video.


A YouTube video shows the girl who couldn't be happier when she received a kitten for her sixth birthday.

Ellie dreamed of having a kitten, so when she turned six years old, her mommy and daddy surprised her with kitten-themed gifts, including shirts.

The girl told them how much she cherished all the clothes she was receiving. But little did she know, her parents had something much more compelling in store for her.

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The video shows her mommy and daddy presenting her with a box, which she is told to open.

Inside the box is a kitten that surprises her. She named her wonderful gift "Cobbler." Her parents then added "Barry" to his name. They called him "Barry Cobbler."

It's not always a good idea to get someone a pet as a gift because animals need several years of hard work and love.


However, with the help of her parents, Ellie is more than willing to take care of her cute new friend. The kitten will also guarantee to teach her about responsibility.

Posted to YouTube on Jan 10, 2015, the video has amassed more than two million views.

Ellie's priceless reaction also won the hearts of many people.

YouTube user kimiisland commented: "She really seems to deserve that! Such a cute and kind little girl! Well done parents! "

Source: Freepik


"Your daughter is such a sweetheart, and definitely deserves herself a little kitten. how nice of you guys! " wrote Noriye Alice.

"Can I just say, Ellie is a total natural with animals! She holds the kitten so gently and knows immediately to speak in soft tones so as not to scare it," quipped Pauline L.

Robin also commented, saying: "Your kid is intelligent! The way she talks is just different, in a good way!"

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