Cops see 91-year-old man changing a tire on the highway and they learn he’s a true National hero

Jun 25, 2018
12:35 P.M.

Officers Doug Lofthouse and Dale Anderson responded to a call after a collision involving a World War II veteran. They decided to help him reach his destination after learning who he was.


Nollygrio shared a video on YouTube elaborating the encounter between the two police officers and 91-year-old Bill Mountfield in the United Kingdom.

The World War II veteran wanted to make his ferry in order to reach Holland for a reunion with his former comrades.

Unfortunately, he had an accident on the highway when his car collided with a truck. Two officers responded to the call and assessed that Mountfield’s car was not safe to drive.

The nonagenarian insisted that he only had to change his tire and he would be on his way. Officers Lofthouse and Anderson were not convinced.

They offered to drive him home, but he was adamant he wanted to attend the reunion. He had no family, and his brothers-in-arms were the only ones he had.


The officers spoke to the insurance company, hoping it would pay for a replacement while his car was being fixed. However, the company said it did not offer the service.

They learned that Mountfield had served in one of Britain’s most elite paratrooper regiments. He was a part of one of the most crucial battles of the War.

He was traveling to Holland for a reunion and stay with his former comrades during the Christmas holidays. Hence it was important for him to make it on time.


They were moved after listening to his story and knew they had to help him get to the ferry on time. Lofthouse and Anderson began checking with various rental companies, but no one helped them out due to Mountfield’s age and because it was for five weeks.

The two decided to visit a car rental company in person. The trick seemed to have done the trick, and the war veteran got a car to travel.

The officers bid him farewell and wished him good luck. Their admiration and respect towards the nonagenarian knew no bounds after they became aware of his services for their country.

Mountfield made it in time to his reunion and met those who were by his side during the war. According to NTD, he passed away in the company of his friends.

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