Mother gets surprise visit from navy son on 50th birthday

Jun 26, 2018
09:10 P.M.
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Wendy Podpora was given a big surprise by her son, Logan, by appearing for her 50th birthday. He had previously informed her that he could not arrange a leave for her birthday.


A video uploaded to Facebook revealed how excited the mother gets when she found her son all of a sudden sitting in a corner of the room during her birthday celebration.

Other family members convinced Podpora to get blindfolded because they wanted to assemble the presents for her. That was when Logan sneaked into the room.

Later, when all of them were ready to give her a big surprise, Podpora was asked to search for her gifts around the room. Playing along, the woman agreed.


She strolled around the room casually, looking for her present, while the rest of the family members had gathered around watching Podpora. Her husband took the footage so that he could capture every moment.

Initially, she looked around casually but did not find her presents at first. She asked her family members for some tips, to which her husband replied, "It will become obvious."


She circled around the room and finally turned around to a corner where she caught the first glimpse of her son. Then she suddenly began screaming in delight and just couldn't control herself.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" she is heard saying repeatedly. He approached her son and held him in a warm embrace.


She was further joined by her daughter, who was just as surprised, and all three of them hugged each other for a while.

"Happy birthday, mom," Logan is heard saying, after a long and tearful hug.

The caption to the Facebook post revealed how Popdora's husband had arranged the surprise. He went to pick up Logan from the airport and had him hiding in the garage until the birthday celebration.