Hunter who fatally shot wild buffalo was gored to death a few moments later

Ksenia Novikova
Jul 03, 2018
02:43 P.M.
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Claude Kleynhans, who killed a wild buffalo, was slaughtered by another member of the herd.


Kleynhans, 54, had shot a wild buffalo but was also attacked by another buffalo as he was loading a freshly-killed buffalo carcass onto his car.

The tragic incident took place near the Levubu River in South Africa’s northern Limpopo Province on May 22, 2018.

Kleynhans passed away at the scene when the buffalo tore his femoral artery, as reported by

His sister-in-law, Karen Kuhne Kleynhans, told Maroela Media: “They were working on the bushes to open the animal and did not see the other buffalo"


“The buffalo struck him and pronged him with its horn in his groin," she added.

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Karen Kuhne went on to say that the trophy hunter "loved what he did" and that he "died doing what he loved.”

The father-of-three was with his clients on a guided hunting trip when he was killed.


According to Review Online, a South African news website, Kleynhans was "one of the country’s finest ethical hunters."

Kleynhans, a fervent Christian, ran the company Guwela Safari in nearby Tzanen. His company organizes safaris where hunters would pay $2,850 if they kill a giraffe and $1,500 if they kill a zebra.

For more than 30 years, he had been hunting big game in South Africa and neighboring countries, including Botswana and Zambia, ATI reported.

Kleynhans had been leading hunts since 1987. He also led tours and photography trips with Guwela Safari.


The company's guests could also enjoy superb accommodations and excellent cuisine in addition to hunting.

Kleynhans, who grew up in Modjadjiskloof, joined the police before moving into the PH world, Review Online reported.

Though Kleynhans claimed that he hunted ethically, his legacy immediately came under fire on social media, with some netizens commented that he got what he deserved, according to ATI.

Kleynhans is survived by his widow and three children.