Raven sitting on woman's hand sounds exactly like a human (video)

Jun 29, 2018
07:39 A.M.
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The viral video showed a white-necked raven talking; his voice has an uncanny resemblance to that of a human.


A channel named Talons and Teeth shared the clip on YouTube on November 13, 2015.

The video titled ‘Ravens Can Talk’ has the bird sitting on a woman’s hand, exchanging pleasantries. The owner explains that they are brilliant at mimicking almost every sound they hear.

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Parrots can also mimic, squawking the sounds they hear. The bird in the video sounds human-like.

Named Mischief, the bird looks for a treat after every task it does. When the trainer asks it to say “Hello,” it does and wants something to eat.


The owner looks at the bird for a few moments until she gets his full attention and he is entirely focused.

Source: Freepik


The owner says, “He does all sorts of voices. Can you say ‘Hi?’” The bird replies with a high-pitched “Hi.”

The trainer praises the bird and says that people can sometimes have a cold. She then coughs loudly, and the bird coughs back.

The woman did an excellent job of training Mischief. However, one shouldn’t expect any less from the bird. Ravens are considered ‘logical animals’ just like chimpanzees and dolphins.

Source: Freepik


The clip continues to show outtakes of the video when the ravens ‘have a mind of their own…’ When she asks him to say “Hello,” Mischief only makes his bird noise. It continues for a couple of attempts.

The woman then asks him to say “Hi,” and he responds. He gives the same answer when she says “Hello” until she gives up.

In fact, he does not stop even after that continuing to say “Hi” even after she has finished. He then mimics a cough accurately, earning him a reward.


Ravens are usually found throughout eastern and southern Africa, tells the description of the video. It added that the birds are common near human habitation.

They are ‘extremely intelligent’ creatures who can use tools to get food and can even mimic the human sound.

Their diet includes fruit, insects, and small reptiles. They can even eat a small tortoise after lifting it up and dropping to the ground to break the shell.

Ravens are also quite the playful birds since they are social by nature.