Baby just bursts into tears whenever he hears the clarinet (video)

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 28, 2018
09:04 P.M.
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Music from a clarinet may please most people's ears, but not a baby boy from Monahans, Texas.


In a video shared on the New York Post's YouTube channel, a baby can be seen breaking into tears each time a clarinet is played.

Judging from his extreme reaction, he seems to intensely dislike the musical instrument.

It can also be that the music moves him so much he can't help but cry. He reacts more strongly to a particularly sad song.

His parents decided to capture his reaction in a video after noticing that he cries every time he hears the clarinet being played. His unexpected reaction to beautiful music amused his parents.

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It also amused people on the internet.

'I just can't stop watching this. I lose it when he tucks that top lip in... then the eyes... I want to cry for him. Laugh so hard that I cry, that is. Hang in there little dude... drums are awesome... Get that boy some drums!' commented Bumpy Mumford.

Susan H. wrote: 'Ahhh. God bless his precious little heart. Such a sweetheart!'


According to the website, Parents, music has benefits to babies, particularly in the development of his brain and language.

"Infants' hearing is well developed soon after birth, so they can respond to music very early on,' Dr. Diane Bales tells Parents. She is an associate professor of human development and family science at the University of Georgia in Athens.


Music can help a baby boost their language and enhance their mood.

Spending time together to listen to music can also strengthen the bond between babies and their parents.

"If you play music that you enjoy, you'll have more fun listening and singing along with your baby," says Dr. Laurel Trainor, director of the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind.