Couple return from honeymoon to find huge fence around their house.

Ksenia Novikova
Jul 02, 2018
11:00 A.M.

Coming home from their honeymoon, Thomas Entwistle and his wife, Rebekah, did not expect they would be caught in the middle of a land dispute which resulted to the huge fence built in front of their house.


When Thomas and Rebekah went back from their 11-day vacation at the Caribbean, they were thrilled to settle into their home. Although, they were shocked to see the six-feet fence placed just two feet from their front door.

The Lancashire Telegraph revealed that the couple moved into the house, which can be found at the Persimmon Homes Brook View estate off Parsonage Road, Blackburn, England, before December 25, 2017.

Purchasing the property for almost $300,000, the couple were looking forward to the “beautiful views” that came with the house. But since the intrusive wooden panel was put up, the couple felt like the house did not feel like a home anymore.


According to the publication, the fence was put up by a man named David Preece, who is the owner of the nearby Upper Mickle Hay Farm. Follow us on Twitter at AmoMama USA for more details.


The reports revealed that Preece was not on good terms with the Persimmon Homes because of land borders. Upon learning about it, the couple was puzzled why they were not informed by the dispute before they purchased the home.

Thomas admitted that their dream home had become their worst nightmare ever since the fence was put up. He and Rebekah claimed they felt like prisoners inside their own home.

Thomas also said that they were “held hostage” because of a disagreement that had nothing to do with them.The situation was very grave for the two that they even considered moving out.

“Rebekah and I have just started our own business and had to fight to get a mortgage and then to get this house,” said Thomas.


Feeling frustrated, the couple exclaimed that they would not have bought the property if they knew about the dispute

Thomas, who works as a music teacher, compared the fence with the Berlin Wall. Rebekah was terribly affected by what happened and was said to always be emotional ever since they found out about the fence.


Rebekah felt very upset living in that house that she temporarily moved back to her parents’ house in Longridge.

Luckily, Persimmon Homes investigated the issue and found out the fence had been put up on their part of the property. Eventually, the fence was taken down.

Thomas and Rebekah were relieved the moment the wooden panels were removed. Although, they confessed they still had fears that Preece might put the fence back up.

As for Persimmon Homes, their spokesman said, “We are confident none of our development encroaches on land not legitimately within our ownership.”

“We understand planning enforcement action is being taken against the neighboring landowner to address the fence, which has been erected illegally and in breach of planning regulations,” the spokesman continued.

Gary Hoerty, Preece’s land agent and spokeswoman, refused to make a comment about the issue since the removal of the fence.

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