'Little House on the Prairie' star Melissa Gilbert opens up about removing breast implants

The popular actress opened up about her inspiration behind going back to a natural and graceful way of aging.

According to a People report, actress Melissa Gilbert spoke candidly about the reasons for removing her breast implants in 2015.

Crediting her husband, Timothy Busfield, for providing the confidence to do so, she told that his encouragement opened her eyes and led her to choose to go 'natural.'

She also termed her decision as "one of the smartest things" she has ever done and informed that she even stopped getting Botox and fillers such as Restylane the following year. Her commitment to going natural also discouraged her from dyeing her hair.

Gilbert told People, “I don’t know how long ago it stopped being red but it’s not red anymore! There are lots of grey and white streaks and it’s much easier.”

She then went on to explain how husband Busfield inspired her to find the courage and just be herself. His encouragement made her decide to "age gracefully and appropriately and let my body and my face become whatever they are going to become."

Gilbert admitted that it was her time in Dancing With the Stars in 2012, which was the "peak of Botox, fillers, spray tan" and the "epitome" of everything she is against at the moment.

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The actress also stated that she got her implants removed because she was afraid of them failing as she got older.

“What am I going to do when I’m in my 80's and I have to have a hip replacement but I also have my breast implants replaced? Because it’s inevitable, they have a lifespan. So I wanted them out,” she told People.

She further shared about her husband's surprising reaction to a time when she secretly used a Botox thinking he wouldn't notice at all.

Surprisingly though, Busfield could immediately tell she had used something artificial. She recalled him as saying to her, "What did you do? I can't read your expressions. I don't know what you're feeling."

Recently, while speaking to Megyn Kelly on TODAY, Gilbert further opened up about how growing up in the showbiz made her feel insecure about her own body.

"I look at my body then and I think, woo-hoo! ... I was a strong young woman," she told during the show. "But it wasn't good enough and I wasn't curvy enough and I think that really messed with my head."

She revealed that the environment on the set of Little House on Prairie, her debut movie, was always supportive and encouraged her to be herself.

But once she started taking on adult roles in other projects, she grew increasingly aware about her body type and began feeling the pressure of having to maintain a certain body image.

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