July 10, 2018

One-legged man loses whopping 500-lb after doctors gave him three months to live

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42-year-old Stanley Hollar from Rushville, Indiana accomplished a life-changing weight loss of 500-lb in just three years.   

According to Media Drum World, Hollar's doctors had told him that he had only three months left to live if he did not make a total lifestyle transformation.

After receiving this dire warning, he surprised everyone by drastically reducing his weight and making a complete turnaround from his previous weight of 678-lb. Follow us on Twitter to learn more.

Hollar told the source that he had battled weight issues since childhood. “Weight has always been an issue. I was large even as a young child, weighing nearly 100lbs when I was a five-year-old in kindergarten," Hollar stated



In 1996, during his sophomore year at Kentucky Christian College, he had to have a leg amputated after sustaining a serious injury while goalkeeper in an indoor soccer game.

Then in February 2015, at a time in his life when he was at his heaviest, he began developing severe medical issues.

Doctors then diagnosed his unhealthy obesity and said that he would be dead before his 40th birthday if he did not reduce his weight.


Hollar said his weight had always felt normal to him and he never truly felt like he was struggling with it.

“If you’d asked me prior to my weight loss how I felt about my body I would’ve told you I was fine and felt okay, but I can see now that I was just lying to myself. I was really miserable and just didn’t know any better," he added.


When doctors gave him that scary diagnosis, it served as a wake-up call for the overweight man. He knew he had to undertake some major changes if he wanted to stay alive.

Hollar became committed to reducing his size. He shed 250-lb in the first year, half of which happened through heavy diuretics, a process in which doctors drained excess fluid and water. The other half was reduced through regular exercise.

He then underwent bariatric surgery which set in motion more rapid weight loss. He also started hitting the gym regularly to reduce the rest of the excess weight.

His current weight is a healthy 190-lb.