Mickey Mouse surprises two kids with emotional adoption announcement

Siblings Janielle and Elijah had no idea that their trip to Disney World would turn out to be special until Mickey Mouse gave them the news.

Courtney and Tom Gilmour traveled to Orlando and shared the video on Facebook on July 6, 2017.

World Disney lived up to its reputation as the happiest place on Earth for two siblings, who visited the theme park with their foster parents.

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Courtney and Tom from Portland, Pennsylvania, who had been their legal guardians for three years decided to give their children the news about their adoption.

12-year-old Janielle and 10-year-old Elijah could not have asked for a more memorable gift during their visit to the resort.

The two paid a visit to Mickey Mouse for an autograph signing. They were excited to meet him but were completely unaware of the life-changing news that awaited them.

They posed for photographs with the Mickey, who is wearing a magician’s outfit. He offers to sign their autograph books, before posing with the brother-sister duo for pictures.

Mickey offers to perform a magic trick for the delighted children. He passes them large playing cards and messes it up several times, leaving them giggling at his gaffe.

The three pose for photos before being joined by their foster parents and their aunt, Vicki. It is then that someone behind the camera announces, “Our friend Mickey has something really special to share with you guys!”

Both Janielle and Elijah are told to stand with Mickey and a helper h0lds up a small sign. Elijah beings to read, before the two gasp in surprise.

The writing said their court date had been set for their adoption after a long wait. Janielle breaks down in tears when she reads the news and the new parents rush in to celebrate the moment with a warm hug.

The trip was organized by the social media editors of Disney World’s official Twitter account after Courtney and Tom told that they received the date earlier in the week.

The video went viral on Facebook raking in more than 2.5 million views, over 30,000 reactions, and more than 22,000 shares.

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