Kandi Burruss' daughter Riley finally opens up about weight loss journey after shedding 52lbs

Riley Burruss has shed an impressive 52 pounds after a rigorous weight loss journey with a famous celebrity fitness trainer. 

The 15-year-old daughter of Kandi Burruss and Russell Spence has been working overtime at the gym, and all her handwork has finally paid off now that she has lost 52 pounds in just a few months. Now, she is ready to share her thoughts about what she has gone through. 

The amazing teenager created a vlog entry about her weight loss journey, sharing with her YouTube followers the challenging but rewarding things that she had to go through with her fitness journey. 

In the video, she explains that when she started working out, she did not try so hard to lose weight because she did not think she could actually do it. However, she eventually worked out religiously after losing five pounds during Thanksgiving 2017. She claims that that week had motivated her to keep going, and that was the week she kicked off to start and really push herself to hustle. 

According to BCK, Riley is now an impressive 168 pounds, down from her previous weight of 225 pounds when she first started working out. The question that many of her fans want to hear is how did she actually do it?

According to Riley, she first started to push herself to lose ten pounds at a time, despite having a bigger goal. She felt that achieving smaller things was something realistic that she could actually do. 

Burruss also shares that her friends have been very helpful, motivating her to hit the gym as they kept her company. 

While Kandi’s beautiful daughter worked out every day, she did need to change her lifestyle, adding a nutritional element to her weightless journey. The extremely disciplined 15-year-old suggested her Instagram followers to substitute their junk food cravings for healthier alternatives, something that is both healthy and tasty. 

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