July 04, 2018

Mother of missing Navy officer desperately pleads for her son to be found

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The mother of missing 24-year-old Navy corpsman Shaun Palmer, whose was last seen at a bar in Waikiki, Hawaii last Sunday, is praying for her son’s safe return.

As reported by ABC News, a Navy officer named Shaun Palmer, who was deployed to the Marine Corps base in Hawaii, has gone missing. Palmer was last seen at about 4 am on July 1 at a bar named Kelly O’Neil’s in Waikiki.

It was found that Palmer had booked and canceled two pickup-cabs on his cell phone. The officer’s mother, Diane, stated that she would be traveling to Hawaii this week in the hope of finding her son.

An Update on the story was published KITV, reporting that the mother received a short text message from her son that read ‘I love you, I’m alive.’



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The location of Palmer is yet to be traced, and Diane expressed her sincere hope that authorities would carry out a thorough search to locate her son. She strongly suggested that search parties should be sent to Hawaii to find Palmer.

Speaking to ABC News, Diane shared her hope that her only son was ill and his phone was damaged, or that even if he had been physically assaulted, he had managed to survive and be safe.

Apart from speaking to the media, the mother also took to social media to make an announcement.


A spokesman of the corresponding Marine Corps team issued a confirmation that a search for the missing sailor was in progress, highlighting that the safety of servicemen was of highest priority to the team.


The spokesman added that the commanding officer of Palmer was working with NCIS officials to track down Palmer, whose disappearance has been classified as ‘unauthorized absence.’

While Palmer was spotted at the bar early on Sunday morning, he was reportedly expected to report to an aid station at 8 am later that day.

When he did not show up, members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Office called Diane the next morning at about 4 am and asked her if she had heard from her son.


Diane revealed that Palmer had posted a photo on SnapChat with the caption “Someone say state fair?”, from which she inferred that Palmer had been to the state fair with two other Marines she saw in the picture.

The mother learned that one of the servicemen who accompanied him to Kelly O’Neil’s returned to their base, while the other Marine stayed back with Palmer at the bar until closing time.

The bartender who was in shift at that time shared that there was nothing unusual about that morning’s closing.

Diane stated that after the duo left the bar, Palmer’s friend was arrested for disorderly conduct.

While NCIS continues its investigation, Diane keeps her hopes of finding her son alive, sharing that the mother and son had always been very close to each other.