Cancer patient's dying wish fulfilled when people bring shoes for children instead of flowers

When he realized that his disease was going to kill him, he decided to make a special request of his loved ones for after he died. 

Dennis J Wright had been diagnosed with cancer, and knew that he wasn't going to survive. So shortly before he passed, he told his son Bryan Christopher Wright, that he wanted something besides flowers for his funeral. 

Instead, he requested that anyone who had intended to buy flowers for him or his family please instead buy shoes for children in need. 

When his son spoke to a local news channel, he explained where his father's last wish had come from, and it offers a wonderful insight into his generosity. 

"Growing up, his family had very limited means. A pair of shoes he'd have to wear them, and wear them down til there were holes in them, so he was always excited to get a new pair of shoes," Bryan explained. 

Before his service even started, there was already a roomful of shoes that had been donated by people who had been touched by the beautiful and generous request. 

The family were absolutely overwhelmed by the support they were shown by the community, and sent out their sincere thanks to everyone who helped make Dennis' request such a huge success. 

All the shoes that were donated were set to be donated to families in need with children. 

Snow Funeral Home also shared Dennis' profile to their website, where people could write lovely messages about the man, light virtual candles, or even send flowers to his family. 

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