Melania Trump misspells a word in her July 4 congratulations

On Wednesday, July 4th, American people took the time to celebrate Independence Day with many taking to social media to congratulate each other. But some people found themselves spelling the word 'Independence' wrong.

The hashtag 'Indepen danceDay' quickly spread on Wednesday as the US celebrated the patriotic holiday. Some people kept misspelling the word until it trended – to the extent that the hashtag itself autocorrected to the wrong version on Twitter.

One such person who spelled 'Independence' as 'Independance' was First Lady Melania Trump. She quickly picked up her error and fixed it while others failed to notice their mistake. For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

Among those that used the wrong hashtag was the US Air Force, the City of Boston, and the Canadian Space Agency. Even All-Star pitcher Justin Verlander and the State of New Jersey all fell into the same trap.

The city of Boston and the State of New Jersey have since removed their incorrect tweets. Others have just let them be.

Trump originally tweeted ‘Happy #IndependanceDay May God bless this great nation & all the people who protect it!’

However, 8 minutes later the tweet was removed and the one with the correctly spelled 'Independence' Day was uploaded. Despite the quick fix, the spelling mistake didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter users, ever ready to pounce on yet another spelling mistake by the President this week.

Many social media users made fun of those that failed to pick up the spelling mistake. Instead of being patriotic, it seemed that some Americans were celebrating a day that had something to do with dancing.

‘Oh, America, you've actually successfully gotten #IndependanceDay trending and nobody in the thread is noticing that "independence" IS SPELLED WRONG,’ a Twitter user wrote

Despite the effort by people to alert others to the spelling mistake, it was still found in many serious and thought-provoking posts.

It appears that the safest and easiest way to celebrate the day is by writing ‘Happy 4th of July.’ At least with that statement, it’s not easy to misspell anything.

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