3-year-old girl keeps her father encouraged while he tries to style her hair

Linda Culpepper, who was three years old in 2015, when the video was recorded, was portrayed encouraging her father Derrick while he was styling her hair.

In the recording uploaded to Derrick’s YouTube channel, the man appeared wearing black pants and a dark blue shirt in what seemed to be his work outfit. He was styling Linda’s hair in what looked like the bathroom of the family’s home.

Derrick asked his daughter how he was doing it, and the proud daughter, who apparently didn’t know everything was being recorded, said ‘good!’

Later, the man reached for some grease and Linda, as a way to guide her father, told him that he had to brush the hair, and finally put a band on it right after putting the grease on her hair.

A couple of seconds after that, Linda evaluated Derrick’s job and said ‘it’s almost done! You’re doing a good job!’ The proud father could do nothing but thank his daughter for such wonderful words.

After that, Linda said that they wouldn’t be late for church, to what Derrick added that they would be visiting the church later when the school is over. By the end of the video, Derrick asked about her thoughts on her hair, and Linda just opened her arms and smiled in approval.

According to Daily Mail, the video was uploaded in 2015. However, it began to go viral again one year later when the Because of Them We Can project shared it on the group's Facebook page.

At the moment, the video has more than 1 million views in Derrick’s channel, and it has served as an inspiration to several fathers and families throughout the world.

Derrick later revealed that Linda does the same when her mother is styling her hair as well because his daughter’s attitude is not exclusive to the different mornings that her father is doing something that is mostly done by her mother.

'In this house we are real. We give hugs, we love, we have fun, and we give second chances. This is just how we live and how we raise our kids to be encouraging to one another,’ said Derrick.

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