Singer Ledisi casually drops news that she's now a married woman in recent pic

The Big Easy is a special place for the neo souls inger Ledisi, and it came to a surprise when she casually dropped a wedding photo of herself with bestfriend Ron T. Young that took place there. While visiting New Orleans, she said that the last time she was in her hometown was to tie the knot. 

Last Friday, the singer took to Instagram to share a beautiful and heartwarming photo of herself in a beautiful ivory wedding guest next to the love of her life, photographer Ron Young. 

The 46-year-old singer and ESSENCE Festival performer has been quite private about her love life, and fans and celebrity friends celebrated the news despite Ledisi not giving any details about when, where, and how she got married. 

The "Pieces of Me" singer looked radiantly happy, and it seems that this is how it'll be in their married life especially since she wed her bestfriend. 

"The last time I was home in #nola I had a party with my best friend. #alltheway @rontyoung"

Ledisi barely shares photos with her husband, choosing to keep her private life separate from her career. The last post she shared of the both of them was from a trip to Hawaii, with their backs facing the sunset. 

Despite not making waves in the media, Ledisi is a gifted R&B and jazz singer-songwriter who has been nominated for tweleve Grammy Awards in R&B performance, album, and artist categories. She has had over eight albums since 2000, and she has been one the most well-loved R&B artists to ever enter the industry. 

Her latest album was in 2017 entitled "Let Love Rule", which might have been a hint that Ledisi was indeed ready to take her relationship to the next level by marrying her bestfriend Ron. Due to her newly married life, it might be a while before we hear anything new from the singer. 

Congratulations, Ron and Ledisi!

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