July 11, 2018

18-month-old baby snaps leg when mother takes him down a slide on her lap

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Shona Keetley and her partner, James, never expected their play time with their 18-month-old son George to become a disaster.

Shona, 26, placed George on her lap as she took him down a slide, an activity that broke the baby's leg, as shown in a video shared on YouTube channel Moon Cate.

The unfortunate incident occured at Rand Farm Park in Lincolnshire.

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George's right leg bent under the weight of his mother as they glided down the multi-colored bumpy slide.


Source: Freepik

Little George was beaming with joy at first. Seconds later, he started wailing in pain. Shona then realized to her horror that he had just snapped his leg.


He seemed to be well on his way to recovery, however, as he is shown in the next clip walking with blue cast on his injured leg.

He is seen handing out a letter to his mother.


At the risk of being criticized for what happened to her child, Shona shared the video of the incident to warn other parents.

She shared that her family had a day out at the time and were about to go hone when George demanded to allow him to go on the slide.

"He was only 18 months old at the time and I didn't feel comfortable with him going down by himself," Shona was quoted as saying in a Daily Mail report.


"I hadn't even taken my shoes off because it was only meant to be a quick one. Without thinking anything of it I put George between my legs and we went down together. I didn't even hear his leg snapping until I watched it back on the video," Shona continued.

The couple thought it wasn't serious until they were home and George collapsed in pain after attempting to climb off the sofa.

They rushed him to the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital. X-ray scans showed that George broke his leg.