'L&HH' star Tommie Lee arrested yet again over disorderly conduct in Atlanta

Tommie Lee has been booked by the police again. The notorious reality star reportedly struck a valet in the head while under the influence. Details of her arrest along with a video have been revealed.

Fresh from her arrest in March, ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star Tommie Lee has been arrested again for “drunk and disorderly conduct” outside an Atlanta club, TMZ reveals. 

On Sunday night, the notorious reality star first caught cops’ attention when she disregarded a traffic enforcers’ instruction to move out of the roadway outside of the Royal Peacock club.  She reportedly became belligerent and later struck a nearby valet in the head. While the valet decided not to press charges, the police booked Lee for disorderly conduct while under the influence. 

In a video posted by The Shade Room during her arrest, Lee was heard saying, 

“Tell me what I did”

The 34-year-old was back on Instagram the next morning ranting about her arrest. 

While at the bank depositing money, she said, 

“So tired of this life. I only focus on my blessings. All I do is work hard and mind my business. All while you was hatin', making those false allegations and negative comments.”

Lee’s latest arrest comes just months after she was also booked for the same offense. Back in March, she was accused of attacking a mall employee in Atlanta and later charged with battery with substantial harm by the Solicitor General’s office. She spent one night in jail before paying a $3,000 bond and was ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring device to stay away from trouble. She even sported the ankle accessory attending Paris Fashion Week last month.

Lee has been facing problems due to her alcohol addiction. She once opened up to her mother and sister revealing she hired a therapist who confirmed she was an alcoholic. Her mother reportedly shrugged her condition as genetic and a plague that runs in the family. 

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