July 17, 2018

Here's how to cook perfect eggs every time

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Remember that old adage "Anyone can boil an egg"'? It's true. The trick is doing it perfectly.

One of the most challenging things to get right in the kitchen is your humble boiled egg. It's often a hit and miss result, with the eggs rubbery, overcooked, and with that supposedly sunny-yellow yolk a distinctly unappetizing greenish color. Oh! And the shell won't peel off.

The same goes for poaching an egg, or scrambling one, and who hasn't seen a plain, simple fried egg turn into a natural disaster? 

But the way to achieve perfect eggs every time is easy if you follow these simple tricks.



Fill a medium-sized pot with cold water and place in the eggs. Make sure they don't overlap so they all cook at the same time. Bring the water to the boil,  then remove from heat and cover the pot. Let it rest for 10 minutes.

Transfer the eggs to a bowl full of ice water to cool them down quickly. This will keep the yolks bright yellow. Roll the egg on a flat surface with the palm of your hand and peel off the shell in one piece

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The true secret to scrambled eggs is butter, lots of butter.  Whisk two or three large eggs together in a medium bowl, then season with salt and pepper. Melt a good tablespoon of butter in a non-stick skillet over a medium-low heat. Once the butter starts to foam add the eggs.

Let the eggs start to coddle before you start to stir them, from the outside in towards the center of the skillet. Keep the spatula moving, especially around the sides of the skillet.

This process should take two minutes, then add a little more butter to and stir it into the eggs. Always remove the eggs from the heat before you think it's quite done, or they will become rubbery.



Fill a wide pot with about 3 inches of water, and heat it over medium heat until you start to see a few bubbles. 

Crack the egg into a little cup or mug,  and gently lower it into the water. Don't just drop it in there, gently ease it into the water. Using the handle of a wooden spoon (or just any spoon/fork is fine, too), immediately start swirling the water clockwise around the egg.keep that water swirling gently without touching the egg. After 2 minutes remove the egg from the water with a slotted spoon, and serve immediately



Heat up the non-stick skillet and add butter to melt until foamy. and crack your egg into the middle of the skillet. Drizzle it with salt and pepper. Once the white begins to set, add a spoonful of water to the skillet and cover it with a lid. The steam will cook the egg white beautifully leaving the yolk nice and runny. This will give you a perfect sunny side up egg.

Over-easy is easy too. All you do is flip the egg over when the egg white starts to set, so it cooks on the other side two, Removes from the skillet after two minutes and serves piping hot.

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