July 18, 2018

Search continues for son stolen out of his crib 32 years ago

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More than three decades have passed and the family refuses to give up in searching for their son who was stolen from his crib in Colorado Springs.

Christopher Abeyta’s family have been searching for him for 32 years since he was mysteriously taken from his crib.

According to the family, Christopher was sleeping in his crib in their Colorado Springs home when an unknown person took him in the middle of the night in July 1986.

Since then, the family did not stop looking for him.


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Christopher’s sister, Denis Alves, spoke with FOX31 and said, "There isn’t a time that we have ever stopped searching for him, ever. Never imagining we wouldn’t have answers as to what happened to him after 30 years."

Recently, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released a photo showing what Christopher might look like now using an age progression program.

Christopher’s family have relied on the computer-generated pictures all these years. Through them, they have watched him grow up somehow.


Once the photos were released, the family expressed that they were hopeful that the pictures could lead them to Christopher’s whereabouts.


Alves said, "Those pictures we have are all we have of him, so they are important to us and it gives us some hope that maybe someone will recognize him if he is out there.”

The family said they have suspected only one person for years and has been Colorado Springs police’s person of interest in the case.

According to the Abeyta family, they have enough evidence to open a grand jury investigation which will eventually put the case to rest.

On July 16th, the family hosted a rally in front of the Colorado Springs District Attorney’s Office.


When District Attorney Dan May stepped out of the office, Alves approached him and asked if they could meet in private.

May said, "The case is at the investigative stage with the Colorado Springs Police Department. They're the lead agency so all questions should be directed to them."

Alves was not happy with the district attorney’s answer and told KRDO, "32 years we've gotten that reaction and unfortunately the Colorado Springs Police Department has not resolved this case."