Jordin Sparks shares picture with her baby son in the recording room

Jordin Sparks discovers her newborn son is a natural in the recording studio as she shares a sweet moment with him.

Jordin Sparks is a natural when it comes to singing, and it’s no surprise her 10-week-old son Dana Isaiah Jr. would take on his mother’s genes.  In a recent post, the new mom exclaims, “Lil Man’s a natural!” as she takes him to the recording studio with her. 

In the photo the ‘American Idol’ sensation shared, she was cuddling her curly-haired son with Dana Isaiah as they sat in front of a microphone. Jordin wore a set of headphones and watched the little boy staring at the mic as if it looked all too familiar. The mother-son moment was a touching scene that could very well predict the little boy’s future in the music industry. 

Also in the studio with them was the boy’s father who shared footages of their family on his Instagram Story. 

Jordin met little DJ’s father in April 2017, and three months later, the couple had an impromptu wedding ceremony in Hawaii. By May this year, they welcomed their son. Jordin recently told People she was still trying to get used to being called a “mom.” 

“I’m a mom. That’s so nuts. I have moments where it just hits me.”

Since welcoming DJ, the couple has been enjoying every milestone of their newborn. According to Dana, 

“He’s starting to develop his own personality and holding his head up already. He’s just the sweetest little thing.”

And with DJ now the center of their marriage, the couple’s relationship has only gotten stronger. 

“It’s transformed both of us,” Jordin revealed. 

“I feel like as humans we should always be trying to be better and trying to grow. With him, it’s just expedited the process. I already know that Dana’s infinitely better and I’m infinitely better just because DJ’s here." 

Dana added that he and Jordin are bonded more now. 

“When we go out on date nights we talk more and it’s just brought us together on a different level than before.”

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