3-year-old boy almost loses toes after a game at the beach, mother warns

Jul 19, 2018
12:27 A.M.
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Katja Kafling Wichmann of Denmark took to Facebook to share a photo of her son’s feet to raise awareness about an important issue.


She posted the photograph of the social media after reading about another person who went through similar ordeals as her son and realized that there are more people who need to be warned about it.

She wrote in her Facebook post that she read about a man who had his feet burned up on a beach due to embers that were not put off in a proper manner by those who lit it the earlier night.

Wichmann then went on to explain that her son, Jakob, also burned his feet ‘beyond recognition’ while playing on the beach one day.

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He was only three years old when the incident happened. The young boy was ignorant of the possible threat lurking underneath the sand. While playing, he stepped on a ‘fire covered with sand.’

Jakob was severely burnt in the accident. The threat was so great that he almost had to lose his toes. Although it did not come to that, Jakob still has to live with the scars his whole life.


The mother updated that, despite the scars, Jakob is a happy 7-year-old child, who loves playing around and enjoys his life. Thankfully, he is also in full control of his ‘motor skills and physics.’

However, the family is still troubled by the idea that their story might have been a whole lot different if it were not for the accident.

Wichmann mentioned that the incident cost them ‘a year of admissions’ and ‘great physical pain.’ It also required a ‘long rehab’ before things came back to normal for the family.

She concluded her warning with an important message, ‘Remember it now: Fire is extinguished with water – and not with sand.’