Beloved TV show cancelled

Sleepy Hollow battled diminishing ratings, in their now final season, and couldn't save itself from getting the ax.

The supernatural thriller, Sleepy Hollow, will not be returning in September for its 5th Season, as Fox confirmed its cancellation, according to Variety.

The show suffered continued lower ratings throughout its short season 4. Fox network had high hopes for the show after its first season, which was a success, both, critically and popularly. 

However, multiple changes in cast and crew of the show destabilized the core of the show, which eventually led to its cancelation.

The first changes were visible in the start of Season 3 when the showrunner changed from Mark Goffman to Clifton Campbell. Read more about Sleepy Hollow on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

Leading pair Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie shared excellent chemistry on screen, which helped the show become a surprise hit.

However, after Beharie's abrupt exit from the show in the Season 3 finale, the show took a different direction, and could not recover from there.

The ever-dwindling fan-base further reduced after Beharie's character was killed in the season finale.

The show was renewed for the 4th season at the last moment, and instead of the 18 episodes ordered for each season, this time it was renewed for only 13 episodes.

In addition to the reduced episode count, the procedural drama was also shifted to the Friday night time slot, which is considered to be an automatic rating-killer for any TV series.

The cast and crew rallied on in hopes of another last-minute revival. However, the network decided that the show had run its course, opting not to renew the show again. 

The show co-creator Philip Iscove took to Twitter to acknowledge the cancellation. Iscove thanked the fans for their loyal support for the show and said that making the show happen was a dream come true for him.
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