Alexis Ohanian shares new photo of baby Olympia in colorful dress and Serena Williams' dog

Olympia Ohanian is stealing hearts in a recent pic shared by her father on Instagram. The adorable girl is seen trying to get friendly with her mother’s pet, but the puppy doesn’t look that thrilled with her presence.

Alexis Ohanian is a proud father, and he’s sharing photos of his adorable daughter with Serena Williams everytime he gets the chance. The Reddit CEO recently melted hearts all over Instagram by posting an adorable pic of the baby with another member of their little family.

In the pic, Alexis Olympia is seen trying to get friendly with Serena’s dog, Christopher Chip Rafael Nadal (yes, that’s the name of the dog) while wearing a colorful sleeveless dress and her amber beaded necklace.

Christopher, on the other hand, doesn’t look that thrilled by Olympia’s advances. The pup was being held by Serena, but the look on its face is one of fear.

Babies can be a bit enthusiast sometimes, as Alexis revealed in his caption, explaining the current situation between his daughter and the dog:

“@olympiaohanian loves him so much but doesn't quite understand how to play with him yet. @christopherchip, on the other hand, is... still warming up to her.”

Fans of the businessman and the tennis player took to his comment section to share their thought on the photo.

Instagram user @kyng_shaz wrote:

“Lmao he's like "the tiny human scares me I must get away,"

@reywalwen said:

“SO CUTE! And he looks like he doesn’t know how to play with her either...still expecting maybe she is a long-term visitor?”

and @redz041 added:

“Hahaha!! Chips not sure what the cute little Princess is gunna do!! Chips been Serena's Only child 4 a while now.”

Is clear that there’s love for everyone in the Ohanian-Williams household, so we’re sure baby Olympia and Christopher will build a strong bond with the pass of time.

Meanwhile, Serena has been pretty busy splitting her time between raising her daughter and playing in tennis tournaments to prove she still has the fire that pushed her to win 23 Grand Slams.

Even though she recently lost the Wimbledon title in the final against Angelique Kerber, the 36-years-old has stated she’s still has a long way to go and she’s ready to take the U.S Open title in the next months.

After giving birth, suffering from childbirth complications that almost took her life and left her bedridden for six weeks, Serena proved with her performance at Wimbledon that hard work and constancy are necessary to achieve greatness in any field.

She dedicated her journey in the tournament to all the moms out there, and we’re sure her daughter will be proud of everything Serena has accomplished in the past months once she gets to understand Williams’s magnificence.

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