Veteran couple sleep in freezing cold every night until kids build and donate them a home

A Navy veteran, Eddie Browning, and his wife, Cindy Browning, would fall asleep freezing every night, but were delighted to be owners of a tiny home given by students.

Fox 5 Atlanta reported that the elderly couple’s faith in humanity was restored by the students’ kind act.

Veterans have given up their time, families, comfort and even safety for their countrymen. Unfortunately, their sacrifice is not recognized by many.

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A Navy veteran, Eddie Browning, and his wife, Cindy Browning, needed a new home for a long time. The camper that they had been living in was in a bad shape; a fire further damaged their little home.

The couple did not have the means to even undertake the basic repairs. They were exposed to the harsh weather in the cold winter. Eddie mentioned that the couple was almost freezing to death. 

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Their prayers were answered by none other than a group of kind students from Elm Street Elementary, Rome, Georgia.

The children decided to build a small house for the veterans. Their venture commenced a year ago; they faced some issues when they were unable to find a legal spot to put the house in.

The organizers of the Georgia Tiny House Festival at Ooh La La Lavender Farms came to their rescue. They gave permission to the children to put the house on their farm.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

While the original plan of the students was to make a house measuring four feet by eight feet with bare necessities such as sleeping bags, supplies and a propane heater. The house would be without any plumbing or electricity.

As the word about the venture spread, donors, volunteers, and even corporate sponsors agreed to help, especially to extend the house, put in plumbing, electricity and even the basic amenities.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The Brownings were taken to the field where the tiny homes were on display, during the festival, thinking that they were merely checking them out.

On being informed that one of those houses was actually theirs – made by a group of children – their emotions knew no bounds. 

Eddie tearfully stated that he had no words to describe his emotions. Cindy felt it was a dream come true. 

The couple was happy to move in and be safe from the freezing winter they suffered in their old camper.

After the festival, the house was shifted to the Browning’s property in Norwood.

The venture was a success and the school intends to donate a tiny house on a yearly basis henceforth. 

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