Venus Williams bares some cleavage in plunging, bright blue suit in recent pic

Venus Williams might be a famous tennis player, but she proved she also has a career in modeling after posing for Sports Illustrated in various outfits, one including a bright blue suit with just a bra inside. 

Her appearance in the magazine shoot is due to her inclusion in their "Fashionable 50" category, wherein she shows off different outfits as she posed in the studio. 

After almost two decades of competing professionally and winning her first Wimbledon title at 20-years-old in 2000, Venus has established her name not just as a sports icon but as a model, being on the covers of various magazines since entering the industry. 

While she has raked in some money as part of her success, Venus revealed to CNBC that she barely touches her savings. When she won a total of 430,000 pounds during her first Wimbledon championship, she put it all straight into the bank. It's not just tennis that she gets her cash from, however, as she also has her own clothing line, interior design company, and many other advertisements. 

Despite saving her money in the bank most of the time, the tennis superstar admits that there is one thing that she absolutely loves and splurges on from time to time: jewelry. 

"I love jewelry and so that's definitely my guilty pleasure. I go splurge on that occasionally."

This year marks Venus' 21st Wimbledon, hoping to capture her sixth title at the "All England Club". This year, the singles champ will be taking home a whopping 2.25 million pounds, but regardless of Williams' rank in this year's competition, we're sure the money is just a bonus for her. 

When Williams started making millions in earnings, she shares that it made her realize that she did not want money to define her career and who she is as a person. That's why she has been extremely realistic as to where she spends her money. 

“I just didn't want to become a statistic, or one of those athletes that had it all and then in the end had nothing." That cautionary tale "was always in the back of my mind, so it made me want to be more realistic with how I spent money.”

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