Magic Johnson's son EJ stuns in striped bikini and lace skirt

TV personality and socialite EJ Johnson, one of the children of NBA legend Magic Johnson, took to Instagram to share a photo of himself wearing a two-piece swimsuit.

In the image, the 26-year-old man was posing on a concrete platform surrounded by black stones and several trees while being barefoot. EJ put on a striped black and white Christian Dior swimsuit as well as a white lace skirt.

As for the accessories, he put on a choker and black sunglasses. In the caption, the man wrote that he was back for a shower. As soon as EJ uploaded that picture, his fans and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One of them was Instagram user @sugar_shey, who pointed out that EJ looked ‘just flawless.’ Apart from that, the user admitted that they loved his spirt and urged him to ‘keep slaying.’

User @venus6irl also told EJ to rock his ‘beautiful, peaceful, sunshine, warrior, goddess power.’ @msmomnyof5 chimed in and said that people don’t get sexier than him and that they loved EJ’s look.

As Celebritist previously reported, EJ is the openly gay son of Magic. Since his parents learned his sexual preferences, he has done his best not to hide his true self behind a fake mask of masculinity.

Apart from being himself, EJ has constantly shown his altruistic side by being the voice of a number of organizations that raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. The most recent activity he was involved in was the GenerationCure Solstice, an event hosted by amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research.

Even though EJ is seen by many as a role model, he has said several times that coming out to his father was not easy at all.

As a way to address that aspect more deeply, EJ’s parents Magic and Cookie Johnson have been interviewed in several talk shows. The most recent time when Cookie talked about her son was during Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk.

She confessed that she and EJ got together to talk to Magic about that topic. Magic, who is the kind of person who ‘reacts quickly,’ didn’t fully accept the news. He said that it was not what he wanted for EJ.

Apart from that, Magic asked his son if he knew that the world would not like him being gay. Finally, Magic wondered if EJ really wanted to live that life.

Cookie later talked to Magic in private and made him realized he was too harsh on EJ. The basketballer then went to EJ’s room and told him that he just needed some time to process the news.

From that point on, Magic has been publicly supporting EJ on every decision he makes, praising him regularly on social media.

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