Alexis Ohanian embraces wife Serena Williams as she poses on the roof in new photo

Tennis player Serena Williams took to Instagram to share a slideshow of herself on the rooftop of a house. Her husband, Alexis Ohanian, was hugging her from behind.

The first photo portrayed Serena alone wearing black Nike shoes, black leggings, and a white shirt with a big black S on it. She was staring at the horizon with her hands placed on her waist.

For the second image, the camera – which was probably on a drone – was a couple of meters further away from where the first picture was taken. The beautiful house Serena was on was portrayed in a more detailed way.

While those two photos were wonderful, the third one was the best and most adorable one from the slideshow.

It portrayed Serena wearing black leggings and a matching top while sitting on the balcony. Alexis, who was wearing a white Nike shirt, was side-hugging his wife while she was pointing at something with her index finger.

As soon as the tennis player uploaded those pictures, her fans and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. One of them was Instagram user @asgill77, who pointed out that the way Alexis looked at Serena was lovely

That slideshow was shared a couple of days after the couple went to Italy for a short vacation after Serena’s lost the Wimbledon final versus German Angelique Kerber.

One of the photos of their Italian outing portrayed Alexis wearing a black shirt and smiling while looking at Serena, who chose a long-sleeved pink blouse. She was drinking from a wine cup in what appeared to be a fun day.

For the second picture, the couple photographed the boat they were in. The scenery showed the worldwide recognized water passages between buildings and houses in Venice.

In the caption, the proud husband revealed that Serena said she wanted Italian for dinner, so she took her to Italy.

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