Kandi Burruss' daughter rocks denim shorts in family photo after losing 52 pounds

After a strict diet and a rigorous gym routine, Riley Burruss has lost a total of 52 pounds, and this has made her feel a lot more confident in her own skin. Because of this new found confidence, she has been wearing pieces of clothing that she was not comfortable wearing before. 

Showcasing her slimmer and healthier physique, the lovely teenage daughter of Kandi Burruss shared a photo of herself in short denim shorts while posing alongside some of her family members. While Riley looks a lot thinner than she was before, this did not come easy.

At 15-years-old, Riley was put under a fitness regimen that adults often take part in, not teenagers her age. To get to where she is now, she exerted a lot of effort in the gym on a daily basis. In fact, according to her gym trainer, she was put on the "records wall" as the youngest person to do such routine and succeed. However, this did not come easy. Her coach also revealed that it was not always a good day for her in the gym. 

“All of our sessions have not always been good. We’ve went through all the fussing, crying, catching attitudes, and even down to her passing the hell out but still managing to lose over 50 POUNDS”

Although it was tough for the young teenager, her hard work has definitely paid off as she went from being 220 pounds to a shocking 168 pounds after her routine. While this is not her end goal, this drastic improvement is enough motivation for her to keep going at it. Her look has completely transformed, from the shape of her face to her waist, and down to her thighs. Riley has made sure to thank the work put in by her fitness trainer on her personal Instagram page, praising him for what he has helped her achieve so far. 

Now that she has completed the first phase of her fitness journey, she has been enjoying summer vacation wisely. The 11th grader is an aspiring lawyer and was given the opportunity to attend the prestigious Standford Envision Law and Trial program, something that would definitely inspire her to pursue law even more in the near future. 

Of course, her proud mother has made sure to show off just how proud she is of her darling daughter, explaining the program that she had gotten into. 

"I’m so proud of my baby @rileyburruss! She’s headed to the 11th grade but this summer she is at #Stanford for the #EnvisionLawAndTrial program. I was worried about her being by herself but she’s doing pretty good! My #futurelawyer! She’s stepping out of her shell lately." 

While this acknowledgment was meant as a proud moment for Kandi, some fans mistook it as a congratulatory post for her daughter who "got into Stanford" for a college degree. However, this is not the case and Riley herself had to confirm and edit her post that she was not heading to college in Stanford, but rather attending a program there for the summer. 

Riley has definitely been doing wonders for herself, and we can't wait to see what stepping out of her comfort zone and crawling out of her shell will do not just for herself but the people around her in the future. 

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