Julianne Hough goes back to her 'roots' with new hairdo

After a five-month experiment of being red-haired, the Dancing With the Stars alumnus dyed her hair back to her usual blonde color. She revealed the recent change of look on social media.

Julianne Hough trusted one of Hollywood’s most sought-after colorists Riawna Capri with the task of giving her back her characteristic blonde look, as the 30-year-old dancer, singer, and actress shared on her Instagram account.

The star explained that her time as a redhead was a phase for her to explore a hidden part of her personality, and the physical transformation helped her transit through her internal journey with success.

‘I’ve been creating and developing a secret project about transformation and identity, and I wouldn’t have felt this confident in my skin right now if I didn’t step outside the box of what I knew myself as, and what people identified me as,’ she wrote.

‘Being a redhead helped me dive into my womanhood and embrace my sexuality. Now I’m ready to jump back to my roots with everything I learned and integrated into my body and spirit!’ she added. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

Hough thanked Capri, a close friend of hers, and hair-stylist Jill Buck for changing her back to her ‘roots,’ as she called it the caption to the slideshow on which she flaunted her renewed blonde look.

Although she was always known to be blonde, Hough left her old icy hue for a gold-toned color. In her own Instagram post about it, Capri called Hough’s most recent hair color as ‘honeysuckle blonde.’

Capri shared what a difficult job she had to face in order to remove all the red from Hough’s strands. But in the end, her efforts and expertise paid off and she finished the task in ‘just’ 7 hours.

‘Red to Blonde is an all-day affair, breakfast and lunch and hopefully not dinner,’ wrote Capri. ‘7 hours of great conversation and lots of laughs, Kinda makes me want to do color corrections more!!!’ she added.

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