July 28, 2018

Roseanne Barr films video that pokes fun at Kim Kardashian's perfume line gimmick

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The actress took to her new online channel to imitated the reality star, shortly after the latter launched a new line of fragrance.

Actor Rosanne Barr, who was in the news for her firing from the hit TV series Roseanne is back in the news again. This time to spoof reality star Kim Kardashian West for her new perfume line, which comes in a bottle shaped like Kardashian West's body.

The perfume line started by Kardashian, named the KKW fragrance after her, released their perfume in a bottle famously shaped like the naked Kim Kardashian West body, was released three weeks back. 

Barr took to her new YouTube channel to make fun of the fragrance, by showing what looks like a replica of the Venus of Willendorf figurine. You can see the complete video on her channel here.


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Barr unabashedly refers to the Kardashian fragrance in her video, as she starts by saying that this was her perfume line, just like "the famous Kim Kardashian Thing."

She even turns the figurine around and comments on the posterior of the replica, comparing it to that of Kardashian West.

This is not the first time the small screen star has trolled Kardashian West. In 2014, she chose to advertise her weight loss efforts, by posing in a black tank top and tights, very similar to a picture Kim had posted around that time.


She also captioned the pic "Hey #Kanye," just in case the spoof wasn't clear enough.

The 61-year-old has been quite active on her YouTube account recently.

She says that it is her only medium to stay connected with her fans, especially after she was fired from her revivedTV show, for racist comments made towards a member of the previous White House administration.

She has revealed plans to start a talk show on her channel. She is set to make her first television appearance after the scandal, with an interview on Fox news.