Kind donations saved farmer from having to shoot 1,200 sheep that he couldn't afford to feed

Rodolfo Vieira
Jul 29, 2018
11:36 A.M.
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Les Jones, an Australian farmer, was saved from having to shoot his 1,200 sheep due to a harsh drought after receiving several generous donations from people and institutions.


Jones, from Goolhi, New South Wales, was prepared to kill his flock out of mercy because he didn't have any way to feed the animals, having made a plea in early July for help.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the donation was made by the Lions Club Need for Feed Disaster Relief, and it was a breath of fresh air for both Jones and his wife, Laura, to see the truck full of hay.

The drought has been so severe that it dried Jones' land, making it impossible to produce any food. Plus, they couldn't afford to buy some and the sheep were too weak to be sold.


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The situation was so desperate that Laura took some of the smaller and weaker lambs into their home, where she cared for them day and night. As a result, their home was spoiled from top to bottom.

Although heartbreaking, killing the animals seemed like the most merciful thing to do because they were slowly starving to death and suffering. Thankfully, that scenario has come to an end.

On Saturday, the Jones received a truck-load of feed from Victoria, and the famished sheep quickly gathered around the farmer as he approached them with food.


Brian Egan, the founder of Aussie Helpers, a farming charity, has worked closely with the family and revealed that 'the donations were the difference between life and death.'

Aside from the food donations, many people have helped the Jones monetarily, which will contribute to the purchase of great amounts of hay and grain, which have become increasingly expensive due to the devastating drought.