Father found guilty for death of 12-year-old daughter shot by a constable

The shooting occurred at an eviction gone wrong, and the father was charged as the inciter.

In a shocking verdict coming right out of Perry County, Pennsylvania, a Father was found guilty of the murder of his own daughter, who was shot by a constable in their home more than two years back as reported by Penn Live.

The Father, Donald Meyer Jr, was charged and found guilty of third-degree murder and aggravated assault, among other charges, for the death of Ciara Meyer in January of 2016. 

Constable Clark Steele revealed that if he hadn't shot at Meyer, his own life was on the line. Steele was visiting the Meyer residence for the third time, regarding the case of eviction, when the incident occurred. 

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As per the constable, in his previous visits, he was only serving the notice of eviction, and the defendant was polite to him. This time, he was there to officially evict the family.

Meyer had a loaded AR 15 in the living room, which he claimed was out because he was cleaning it.

As the conversation began about the eviction, Meyer became hostile and threatened to shoot the constable. Witnesses revealed that daughter Ciara entered behind Meyer, urging him to stop the threatening. 

When Meyer refused, Steele took a chance to save his own life and shot at Meyer's arm, with the intention to disarm him.

Unfortunately, the bullet from Steele's gun went through Meyer's arm, and hit the 12-year-old right in her chest, killing her instantly. 

Her mother, Sheryl Meyer and property manager Ashley Hill were eyewitnesses to the incident. The Trial occurred at the Lycoming County Court, and the verdict was reached on Friday, July 27, 2018.

The sentencing has not been completed yet, as Meyer was also facing some other firearms-related charges, which are still to be heard.

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