August 10, 2018

Dying man shares powerful message about God before passing

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Herbert Broome was caught on tape speaking his last words about faith in God and about how people of the world can find true security.

The video uploaded to YouTube begins with a disclaimer text from Broome’s daughter, who recorded the footage, explaining that Broome died only moments after the video was recorded. His dying wish was to spread his last words into the world.

In the video, Broome is seen lying on the hospital bed. He seems weak and fragile, unable even to speak properly. However, he manages to conjure some sensible sentences that preach about how one should live life.

Broome talks about how change is inevitable in the world. Everything including one’s clothes as well as the body itself changes. That’s why no person in the world can find true security in the world


Source: Freepik

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“My idea was that security is a sinner. You have absolutely no security because everything changes. The world changes, the season changes… your clothes wear out, your job wears out,” he says in the video.


Source: YouTube

He then goes on to explain that there is only one thing that does not change in the world. He suggested that it was only possible by putting one’s faith in God.


“The only way you can get that security and become a Christian is you have to accept Christ, you have to accept him as he is,” he further elaborated.

He also stated that one must worship God in spirit and truth so that one can be the member of God’s family. Only then one can gain security.

According to Broome, the only security one ever needs is regarding where they will go after they leave the mortal world.

Broome’s message, which his daughter claims to be a message from the God himself, has been viewed more than 4 million times so far and has gathered more than 19,000 likes on YouTube.