August 02, 2018

'The Golden Girls' star, 96, honored with PBS special

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Betty White will be honored with a PBS special that will mark her 80th year in show business.

As reported by Fox News, the special, titled Betty White: First Lady of Television, takes a looks at the 96-year-old actress's colorful life and career.

Fellow celebrities shared their insights about White, including Mary Tyler Moore, Georgia Engel, and Gavin MacLeod.

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At her age, Betty White shows no signs of slowing down, especially with offers still coming her way.

The special, which debuts on August 21, shows the prolific actress at work, at home, and interacting with friends.

White is known for her roles in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls. She is the only living star from the later sitcom.

Engel recalled how she and White have maintained their off-screen friendship. They share a love of animals.


White even taught Engel once how to give a bear a marshmallow using her teeth.

"Animals just take to her," Fox News quoted Engel as saying. Like White, Engle is still acting at the prime age of 70.

Show business can be tough and take a toll on actors, but White has a personality that can withstand ups and downs.

"It has to do with her character," Engel said. "Betty has such integrity, honesty, generosity of spirit, wisdom, and self-forgetfulness when she's in a room of people. It's a really beautiful thing."

Tap dancer Arthur Duncan also paid tribute to White by remembering how she helped him launch his career.



White featured him on her own daily talk show in the mid-1950s. Racists viewers complained about Duncan's presence on her show simply because he was black.

But White was not bothered by this. She even had Duncan perform on her show every chance she could.

This led to Duncan becoming part of The Lawrence Welk Show. He became the first black regular on a TV variety show.

"She was probably one of the nicest, grandest, greatest people I've had the chance to meet in my life," said Duncan, now 84. "Whenever she walked into a room, it lit up."