August 06, 2018

Vet overwhelmed after strangers show up at his home and help him with furniture and food

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The Air Force veteran was struggling with dark thoughts of his death, but the kindness of one Goodwill store turned his life around.

Ron Hyde, who was once a part of the US Air Force, had been living a lonely life until one trip to a nearby store changed his life as he knew it.

Hyde visited the local Goodwill store and bought a pink chair for himself worth $25. However, when it was time to take the chair home, he was unable to arrange for his new big chair to be carried to his home.

One of the women in the neighborhood took the initiative of asking for help on social media. 


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The woman, named Ramona, shared a short post requested someone to transport the chair for Hyde, and the response she received was completely unexpected.

Days later, Hyde was surprised to find a huge U-haul truck stopping before his apartment building. 


Hyde looked cluelessly as a bunch of unknown people began lifting items from the back of the truck and dropping them inside his home.

Everything from daily essentials like food items, to a comfortable bed and other furniture items were being moved into his humble home, and Hyde was overwhelmed with emotion.

He could not hold back his tears as he knelt in the kitchen, offering heartfelt gratitude to God. 

One of the strangers who volunteered stated that although the span of Hyde’s life was unknown, the least he and others in the group could do was to ensure that he lives the remainder of his life in comfort.


Hyde has been showing signs of recovery after the intensive chemotherapy sessions, and he could not express his joy over all the kindness he received from the volunteers.

The veteran was spellbound and only managed to smile and say that the sudden change in his life felt like a miracle.