Teen turned ordinary $50 dress into a gorgeous prom gown

This young lady managed to transform an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary evening dress to attend her graduation.

There are times when you don’t have enough money to buy a fancy dress for a special occasion and you do not know what to do. You might think that your night has gone to ruin but sometimes all you need is a little creativity.

According to a Cosmopolitan report, this is the case of a girl that we will present to you next, since, without a doubt, she had to attend her graduation party; she did not allow the lack of financial resources to stop her.

The young woman from Latin origin Nazmayde Castillo turned a regular outfit into a luxurious evening dress that captured all the looks of the people who were at the graduation party.

As he boyfriend, MJ Johnson, told on an Instagram post, he bought her that dress in the Fashion Nova virtual store for only 50 dollars, and then with the help of his aunt, they added the blue flowers to the edge of the skirt to turn it into a long dress.

The fabulous dress caught her attention due to the sequined patterns she has on the top, however as it was a short dress it was not appropriate for a formal party such as high school graduation. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

But thanks to the ingenuity and talent of both his aunt and Castillo, they managed to turn the piece into a sensational outfit. Johnson did not stay behind and dressed for the occasion a suit of the same color as the flowers of the dress.

The couple's attire was so shocking that when they shared photographs of that day on their Instagram account, their friends were amazed and the couple received hundreds of comments and compliments on social networks.

In the end, the story caught the attention of the general public and went viral, inspiring many people so they will not be discouraged if they do not get an outfit they like and look for creative ways to modify it and create something unique.

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