August 14, 2018

Husband dumps his wife for his secretary after 37 years of marriage

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A wife, abandoned by her husband for his much younger secretary after 37 years of marriage, had the last laugh when she devised a plan for revenge and executed it flawlessly. 

When the husband fell for his young secretary, he filed for divorce and urged his wife to move out of their home because he and his new girlfriend wished to live in the large house.

The husband hoped to start a new life with his secretary, but his dreams were soon shattered because his wife was not willing to make things as easy as the husband wanted them to be.

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Jake's new girlfriend insisted that she wanted to live in his and Edith's luxurious and expensive house. A lawsuit was filed for the home and Jake's lawyers won it, and he was free to live in the house with his lover. 

Jake gave Edith a notice of three days to vacate the home. She packed all her belongings into suitcases and boxes on the first day. The movers were expected to arrive on the second day, and they came to get all her things. 

On the last day of her notice period, Edith sat and had lunch in the dining room for the last time. Her lunch consisted of a pound of shrimp, a container of caviar and a bottle of Chardonnay.


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After Edith finished her last meal at the house, she went into every room of the house and placed a half-eaten shrimp shell drenched in caviar into the hollow of all the curtain rods. 


She then went back to the kitchen, cleaned it and left the house. The husband and his girlfriend moved in later, and for the first few days, everything was going fine for them. 

As days passed, a terrible stench began to spread all over the house. It became intolerable to stay in the house. The new couple tried all sorts of things to get rid of the smell. 

They cleaned and aired the house first, and when that did not help, they made thoroughly checked and made sure that there weren't any rodents in the home. 

They washed all the carpets and placed air fresheners everywhere. They even enlisted the services of exterminators to set off gas canisters. 


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When the stench became unbearable, they even had to move out of the house for many days. They also replaced the wool carpeting, which was quite expensive. However, the stench remained, and it was only getting worse. 


The problems seemed to only increase for the couple. Their friends stopped coming over, their repairman couldn't work in the house anymore, and their maid quit. 

Finally, they were forced to move out of the house because of the strong smell and the couple put up the house for sale. They were not able to find any buyers even after they reduced the cost of the house by half.

When even the realtors stopped responding to their calls, Jake and his girlfriend were forced to take a massive loan from the bank to purchase a new house. 

Edith called her ex-husband a few days later to ask him how things were working out for him and his new lady. She listened to Jake talking about the endless problems he has faced with the house. 


She then told Jake that she missed the home that she lived in for a big part of her life. She informed him that she was ready to decrease the amount that she was supposed to receive in the divorce settlement in exchange for taking the house back. 

Jake didn't need to be told twice, and he immediately agreed to sell her the house for one-tenth its value.

A week later the couple looked on with relief as the movers packed all their things including the curtain rods to take them to their new house. 

The wife, Edith, not only made her husband and his new girlfriend give up on the house but also had her revenge.

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