My grandson is a thief but I can't tell his parents or something terrible might happen

Manuela Cardiga
Aug 08, 2018
08:44 A.M.

Dear AmoMama,


I am now 78, and I have been living alone since my husband died 12 years ago. My daughter and her husband have been very supportive and they come over every weekend, as does my 16-year-old grandson.

I started noticing that I always seemed to have less money in my purse than I'd imagined, and I thought I was getting forgetful, so I started writing down every cent I spent so I would know how much money I had.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

To my horror, I realized that the money always declined sharply after a visit from my family. If I had $100 on Sunday morning, Sunday night it would be $60.

I know my grandson takes that money, and since I've never said anything he is growing bolder and taking more and more.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

I hid my purse, and it worked for two weeks, but then he must have found out my hiding place.

I am heartbroken. I can't believe that the beautiful grandbaby that I love so much has grown into a dishonest boy.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay


If I go to his parents I know my son-in-law - who is a very strict and upright man - will react badly and may even hand him over to the police.

I don't want my grandson in jail because of me, but I am also afraid that if I say nothing he will become a criminal.

Should I talk to him? Would he even listen and admit what he has done? How can I save my grandson?

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