Pregnant woman trips 4-year-old and sends him to hospital in video that enraged the internet

Pedro Marrero
Aug 08, 2018
05:25 A.M.

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, China's social networks were enraged with the video that shows how a woman deliberately tripped a four-year-old boy.


The questioned gesture was a reaction of revenge from the woman since, a little before; the boy was running and had moved some curtains of plastic that hit her in the face. The situation was the topic of conversation over the weekend in China.

She waited for the boy to return and, when she saw that he was going to pass close to her, stretched out her left leg to trip her. The little boy fell on his side and hit himself on the head.

South China Morning Post reported that the woman continued to eat with her partner as if nothing had happened and never offered help to the boy.

Just at that moment, the child's mother came to help him. At first, she thought that her son had tripped, so, without asking anything, she took him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a mild concussion.

Image source: SocialUpdates / Youtube

Image source: SocialUpdates / Youtube


After knowing the story from the child and watching the surveillance videos, the child's parents went to the police. The woman from the video subsequently went to the authorities and, according to local media, offered to pay the medical expenses.

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Image source: SocialUpdates / Youtube

Image source: SocialUpdates / Youtube

The attitude of the woman has been criticized after the clip went viral, to the point that the lady, in a state of gestation, received the nickname of "bad pregnant" as reported by Vanguardia. Since then, the fury of the citizens of the web has not stopped.

In the midst of the agitation over the issue, the child's mother went public to ask that the harassment against the aggressor cease. "We do not want to affect her, I have children myself, I can understand," she said.


The hashtag "Pregnant woman takes out her foot to bring down child" was seen more than 67 million times in the Chinese social network Weibo, only in one day and attracted thousands of comments.

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