Boy, 8, dies of drug overdose after eating father's meth thinking it was breakfast cereal

Aug 08, 2018
12:23 P.M.
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Reports are that the boy had consumed 180 times the lethal quantity of methamphetamine.


8-year-old Indiana boy Curtis Collman III tragically died after mistaking methamphetamine used by his father as breakfast cereal. A toxicology report revealed that Curtis ended up ingesting 180 times the lethal quantity, as reported by WAVE TV.

Curtis was at the home of his father, Curtis Collman when the incident occurred. A huge quantity of meth was kept on a plate, and young Curtis consumed them thinking it was cereal.

The father first noticed signs of weakness in his son at around 10 am the same morning. The 41-year-old then reportedly asked a female friend to come over to his home and examine Curtis’ health.


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After seeing the severity of Curtis’ condition, the woman was beginning to dial 911. However, the father of the boy is said to have snatched the phone away from her, stating that he did not want to ‘go back to prison.’

Seymour Tribune reported that Collman then pulled out a handgun and warned the woman that he would kill her, his boy and himself.

The father took Curtis and went to the house where his parents lived. However, he absconded when the old couple also insisted on calling 911.


By the time Curtis’ grandparents called the emergency line, it was too late, and the boy soon breathed his last.

Collman, who was identified as a suspect in the death of his son, was eventually tracked down by the police.

According to Huffington Post, Collman was convicted in 2006 for sexual misconduct with a minor, and as it turns out, he had not complied with the court’s demand of registering as a sex offender.

When he was nabbed by the police in connection with Curtis’ death, the police charged him for his failure to follow the court’s orders.


He had also been charged for negligence of a dependent individual that led to death, for threatening with a firearm and for theft.

Despite a plea from Collman, the law enforcement authorities of Jackson County denied him the privilege of reducing the bond under the pretext of being with his parents until the day of the trial.

Collman is currently in prison and according to Associated Press, he is facing between 20 to 40 years in prison.