McDonalds worker jumps through a window to save unconscious officer

Aug 08, 2018
02:08 P.M.
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Pedro Viloria was having a typical day at work serving customers at the drive-thru of a McDonald’s outlet when ended up being a hero by saving the life of a woman in an SUV.


CBS Miami reported that quick thinking by the employee saved the life of a Miami-Dade police officer in Doral, Florida, on March 14, 2017.

Pedro Viloria’s routine day comprises of working at McDonald’s and serving the orders. He would be assigned to work at the drive-thru window at the outlet.

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It was like any other day with Viloria at the counter when he saw a woman drive up to the window with her children screaming out in the back seat.

The woman, an off-duty police officer, was experiencing a medical emergency.


The 22-year-old had heard the children screaming and asking their mother to stop the car; they were petrified.

He saw the woman losing control of the vehicle; he saw the car lurching forward with the children in the back seat.

Viloria immediately realized something was amiss. The woman looked dazed and confused. Pedro then realized he had to do something quickly if he had to save the family. 


Acting quickly, he jumped out of the window and ran after the car, and the surveillance cameras captured all life-saving actions.

He managed to help slow down the car. It came to a stop up against the driveway curb.

Viloria said he could not register anything at that moment. His only aim was to save the children and the woman. 


“I thought, ‘If those kids lose their mother today, that’s going to be tragic.’”

Pedro Viloria, CBS Miami, March 14, 2017.

The local McDonald’s owner, Alex Menendez, told NBC Miami that they were thankful that the officer and her family were safe.  He said he was proud of his employee.


Another employee, who wished to stay anonymous, performed CPR to save the woman. Menendez said all the employees wanted to do what they could to help the family.

It was only later that Viloria realized that they had saved the life of one of Florida’s professional lifesavers.

The Miami-Dade Police Department spokesperson said that they had not disclosed any additional information related to the officer’s medical condition as per the request of the officer’s family.