The two men thought it would be clever to switch places at a conference

Albert Einstein's genius has such an impact on the modern era that he has become a household name across the globe.

There are many hilarious fictional stories in the name of Einstein floating around for decades. Everybody reveres the iconic scientist and relate to him in any intellectual reference.

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After his many discoveries, inventions, and contributions in the field of science, Einstein had gained popularity like no one had ever witnessed before.

He was invited to multiple conferences, and with time, he was utterly bored by the whole routine. He never got time to spend for himself and was always on the go. 

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

He went to all these conferences as his driver drove him around regularly. Coincidentally, his driver looked similar to Einstein. 

One day, Einstein told his driver that he was sick of attending all the events. He complained that the whole routine bored him immensely and he was desperately seeking novelty.

The driver agreed and told him that he attended all his conferences as his driver. He was so well versed with Einstein's routine that he was confident of giving one of his conferences despite lacking the knowledge in science.

Einstein thought that was a great idea and convinced his driver to switch places for the night. The driver obliged, and they quickly changed their clothes. 

Einstein took the driver's seat while the driver sat behind as Einstein would. When they arrived at the conference, nobody could figure out the switch that took place moments ago.

Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

The organizers welcomed Einstein's driver as if he was the great scientist himself. Einstein's driver was nonchalant and blended in rather smoothly.

When he started to begin his conference, a young scientist interrupted him. The young scientist was known to be envious of Einstein and was determined to prove that Einstein was not the genius everyone believed him to be.

He had solely attended the conference to ask Einstein a complicated question so that he would be humiliated in front of a massive audience when he would not be able to answer him.

The young scientist stood up and asked Einstein the question. The audience gasped listening to the question and stared at Einstein's driver hoping for an answer.

Einstein, who sat in the audience wearing his driver's clothes was worried that his reputation would be ruined because of his silly yet smart plan to switch with the driver.

Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

Surprisingly, the driver was calm on the stage despite being asked one of the most challenging questions in the field of science. The driver fell silent for a moment, increasing the tension in the room.

Once the murmurs in the conference hall settled down, the driver responded to the young scientist, "Young man, your question is so easy, I'm going to ask my driver to answer it!"

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